History – FERTAN GmbH


Foundation of Kaiser & Lang FERTAN – SAAR

In 1979 Kaiser – Lang Fertan – SAAR was founded  to import and export chemical products for metal surface treatments.


Incorporation as Fertan GmbH

In 1983 the company form was changed to a GmbH, in English form a limited company.  The same year FERTAN GmbH took over the representation of the products of the Italian manufacturer I.T.B. Spa.  Based in Milan I.T.B. was at the time the leading European manufacturer of chemical products for metal surface treatments.

Foundation of ITB Deutschland GmbH

Foundation of ITB Deutschland GmbH as a subsiduary of ITB Srl Mailand.

Takover of ITB GmbH by Henkel KGaA

In 1997 I.T.B. Spa. was taken over by Henkel Surface Technologies and today’s shareholder formed Fertan.  This company is independent of the group but continues to work closely on R & D.

Co-operation with SESAM for winter care products

In 1999 Fertan began a relationship with SESAM, a long established Flensburgh company.  Since then, the products of this Flensburgh manufacturer have been an integral part of FERTAN’s winter care product range.

Takeove of HANSA hand cleaner products from Caldic

In 2001, FERTAN GmbH took over a distribution company in south-west Germany with strong links to the wholesale trade, car dealers and local authorities.  Specialising in hand cleaning products the company marketed products from internationally renowned manufacturer CALDIC.  In 2002 FERTAN took over the complete range of hand cleaners, skin care and skin protection from  CALDIC and since then Fertan has marketed these products nationally and internationally.

Relocation to the historic Industriepark AW – Hallen in Saarbrücken

At the end of 2004 Fertan had to move from its now much too small storage and production areas in Saarbrücken.  The move to Industriepark AW – Hallen Saarbrücken is a great success.  The ambiance of the historic buildings and the company ‘s philosophy fit together well.

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